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Free local delivery on orders $29+

Face Food Mineral Mist


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Plump it up! This super hydrating facial mist helps lock in moisture and creates a weightless, invisible protective barrier against free radicals and environmental pollution.

Face Food is the ultimate water-based addition to your skincare routine, doubling as a toner and hydration booster. It acts as a skin barrier penetrator for the maximum absorption and amplified effectiveness of the products you use before and after it. 

All of its precious (and semi-precious!) ingredients serve to make your skincare products work even harder than they already do.

Malachite, a turquoise-coloured gemstone helps to detoxify, protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, and increase collagen.

Zinc helps with inflammation and redness, while silver’s antimicrobial qualities help keep skin clean, and magnesium balances your complexion. 

Aromatic fruit extracts with subtle top notes of vanilla and mint, also help to nourish and refresh.

Vegan. Formulated with a skin-friendly, never-stripping pH value of 4.5-5.3. This product contains silver and/or silver salts - avoid contact with broken or abraded skin

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